Robert Brooks, Attorney

I began practicing criminal defense law in state and federal courts 35 years ago. My practice has been limited to criminal cases only. During that time I have done both criminal trials and appeals, as well as post convictions and habeas corpus. I have worked in private practice, and as an Assistant Federal Public Defender. For more than twenty years my practice has been limited primarily to criminal appeals, post conviction, and habeas corpus.

My practice includes criminal appeals, post convictions, and habeas corpus in the Criminal Courts of Shelby County, the Court of Criminal Appeals and the Tennessee Supreme Court. It also includes the federal District Court for Western Tennessee, the Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and the United States Supreme Court.

If you need a criminal appeals attorney, contact me, and do so immediately. The sooner you call, the sooner I can begin to work on your case, and the better chance you have.

You or your family can contact me for a free initial consultation. Give me the details of your case and I can look into it for you over the internet. I will send you the results of my initial review, and my proposal for further representation, all without charge.

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