Here are some of the testimonials I have received from clients. Testimonials are the most reliable form of recommendation of an attorney because testimonials are not just what the attorney says, they are what the attorney’s clients say about his representation.

  • I am eternally grateful to you for your diligent and proficient legal services, your unrelenting effort, your accomplishment in securing relief on my behalf, and your ability to understand my dilemma with some sense of compassion. Words will never be able to convey my most sincere gratitude to you.
  • What you have done for me, speaks volumes of your character and measure as a man! My family and I both thank you for all that you are doing to assist me. Again, thank you!
  • I thank you for the wonderful job that you did on my case. On April 8 I got your letter and the case manager here put everything together. I go home April 17. Once again on behalf of my family we thank you very much.
  • Thank you for keeping me up on what’s going on with my case and for the copy of the supplemental brief. Thank you!
  • I like to thank you for the letter. I learned a lot from it about myself, and about you. So far, your letter is the only one that has arrived in my behalf even though I have asked several people.
  • Words cannot begin to describe the elation and joy that I retain in the Court’s order granting my delayed appeal! I cannot express enough to you my gratitude and appreciation for your legal judgment, and your proficiency and expertise in your occupation. You have indeed surpassed and superseded my expectations and reliance, and for that, my family and I are thankful!
  • Thank you for the good job on my appeal. I have recommended your office numerous times for post-conviction representation. I really appreciate and thank you for your work and representation.
  • Thanks SO MUCH for your quick response! It’s nice to know that, in this day and time, there are still attorneys that have a heart and treat their clients accordingly. I do it every day, as a nurse and I KNOW how precious a life is.
  • I want to first thank this court for appointing Attorney Robert Brooks the responsibility of handling my direct appeal. I’m humbly pleading this court to re-appoint Mr. Brooks to handle my 2255 motion.
  • Thank you for the effort and the time you put in my case. Thank you for helping save my life.
  • Mr. Brooks, you are a hell of a lawyer. (Declared several times by a client after his federal habeas hearing.) Less than a month later the United States District Court granted his habeas petition.