My Representation

Winning your case is the primary goal of my representation. The focus of my representation is on the end result and that is to have you serve as little time as possible. As you well know, nothing else really matters.

My goal is to reduce or eliminate your sentence, or have your conviction set aside, and I address those issues that have a realistic chance of actually achieving that result. Appellate courts are exceedingly busy and have little time to devote to any one case. It is a mistake to waste the limited attention they can give to your case with issues that have little or no merit or cannot do you any good. If you want to win your case you need to focus on the issues that can make a difference.

Your presentation needs to be closely focused on the crucial issues in your case. Your argument needs to be presented clearly and concisely, and driven home forcefully, in order to have the best possible chance for success.

I believe that the best way to accomplish that goal is to go directly to the heart of the matter. Ultimately, it comes down to what is fundamentally wrong with your charge, conviction and sentence.

If there’s an issue or defense in your case that can make a difference to you, I’ll work to identify it, fully develop it, and obtain a positive result for you. I want to ensure that the important facts and issues in your case are properly presented to the court.

As your attorney, I provide personal service to you and your family, addressing your questions, concerns and requests promptly and satisfactorily; keeping you fully informed of the progress of your case; and clearly explaining the outcome of your case.

My good reputation for character and competence in the legal community is invaluable to me. To me ethics are not just a requirement, they are the touchstone of my practice. And the foremost ethical command is to zealously represent my client. That is what I strive for first, last, and always.

I make it a priority to be responsive to my client’s phone calls, emails, and letters.