My Mission

My practice of more than thirty years is limited to criminal appeals, post-conviction, and habeas corpus, both state and federal. My clients are often people in desperate situations. They have been convicted and the law presumes that they are guilty. Their outlook is bleak and my mission is to try and provide relief.

No other lawyer I know limits their practice as I do. Why? I suspect it is because there is little money in it, and less acclaim. My reward is in performing an important service and doing it as well as I can.

Why do I do it? Simply because it is what I want to do. I guess it is my calling.

In order to make it work I seek to keep my expenses as low as I can while still giving the best representation possible. This allows me to keep my fees as reasonable as possible so that my clients, who are mostly people of modest means, can afford to hire me and I can afford to give them the representation that they are entitled to.

My biggest single expenditure is for legal research resources and assistance. I put my client’s limited funds where they will do the most good. This is especially necessary in these difficult economic times.

Even in the best of times my clients’ families and friends often have to pool their resources to hire me. These days there is seldom much money available for anything but the necessities. I understand this and do my best to make my services affordable for all who seek my counsel and representation.

I have a good reputation for character and competence in the legal community. I let my reputation and my results speak for themselves. Call me if I may be able to help.